Apple Watch 2 news: GPS, some-more waterproofing, improved battery

August 8, 2016 - running watch

The Apple Watch Sport is sloping to get an ascent that will answer to vital gripes with those who wish to use it when using and swimming.

IF you’re a penetrating runner, swimmer or triathlete, chances are we have dual vital facilities on your Apple Watch wishlist. According to a leaked researcher report, Apple is set to make your wishes come true.

Apple Insider has now expelled sum of a news by KGI researcher Ming-Chi Kuo that predicts Apple is set to recover dual new models of a Apple Watch subsequent month, with a Sport edition removing a vital revamp.

Apple has proven a mania with bargain a approach record can be used to analyse health and fitness, building adult what it is believed to a largest investigate module into people’s aptness during a hi-tech lab divided from Cupertino headquarters.

But for Apple fans wanting to make a many out of a Apple Watch’s facilities when it comes to exercise, it now has dual pivotal limitations: it doesn’t have a an inner GPS and it does not have a waterproof rating that will let we wear it swimming.

While we can wear your Apple Watch to get accurate stretch information when you’re running, a stream gait information is not as accurate as a using watch with a possess GPS. So, if you’re perplexing to run a certain stretch during a certain pace, such as when you’re using interlude sessions, if we have an Apple Watch on your left wrist afterwards we would substantially wish to wear a Garmin, Suunto, TomTom or Polar watch on your right.

And, since it’s not waterproof, there is a operation of sports that many people do to stay fit where they can't wear an Apple Watch, with swimming and triathlon only being two.

Kuo predicts Apple will recover an ascent to a strange indication that will have a faster processor and a sports indication with GPS and barometer facilities and softened waterproofing. The new Sport model, Kuo says in his report, will also have a bigger battery to energy a GPS features.

Kuo has a good lane record for presaging new Apple products though zero is reliable with Apple until it is released.

There have been no announcements though Apple is approaching to betray changes to a Apple Watch alongside a iPhone 7 in early September.

Fitbit’s new $200 smartwatch competes directly with a $350 Apple Watch Sport. Which one is best for your wrist? WSJ’s Joanna Stern reviews a dual options. Photo/video: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal.

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