8 Basic Watches for Runners

April 11, 2017 - running watch

Timex Ironman GPS
Release Date:
 Spring 2017
($99; timex.com)

Timex has a mottled story with GPS watches, though a stirring Ironman GPS (available in open 2017), could be a discount runners seek.

Why We Like It: The latest GPS watch Timex built, a One GPS+, was recently discontinued. It had a slew of messaging facilities built in so we could stay connected even when we weren’t carrying your phone. This all-new, entry-level watch, however, is a finish opposite. Timex promises it’ll be your simplest GPS watch ever. For only a Benjamin, we get a 12-hour battery and a ability to see swim, bike, and run metrics, and time your transitions. To keep things simple, there’s no wireless connectivity, and we use a customary micro USB charging cable—there’s also no exclusive charging shave to lose.

Bottom Line: Good for revelation we how quick and how distant you’re traveling.
Connectivity: USB
Battery Life: 12 hours

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