#360reviews: Stay in figure with a Polar M400 GPS using watch

April 28, 2016 - running watch

The Polar m400 combines character with practicality.

For many outward of a loyal aptness fanatics, equipment other than a span of trainers, shorts or a t-shirt (and maybe some music) might seem an nonessential oppulance portion usually to upset from a pursuit during hand, or even confuse.

However, a week of contrast a Polar M400 watch will force a thespian re-think on these Spartan principles.

Other than a partially medium cost tag, there are 4 pivotal beliefs behind a successful square of wearable technology; features, practicality, program and design.

To sum adult a M400’s luminosity in one sentence; it has all a advantages of a aptness band, and during a same cost as a rest of a market, though with a combined reward of activity tracker functionality.

While a inner accelerometer marks stairs and activity with lethal accuracy, M400 users can pattern a whole horde of additional useful information from a durations of time between any activity.

For example, a watch is means to work out when you’ve left to sleep, definition a some-more accurate research on your prolonged tenure state of fitness.

One utterly nifty further is a Back to a Start feature. The watch’s GPS drops a pen during a commencement of any run and from there a compass arrow will give we a many approach track behind to your start point. This is critical in unfamiliar cities or places like Dubai where a blueprint of a roads changes from week to week.

For some-more critical athletes there is also a Running Estimator, that calculates how prolonged it will take we to cover a stretch during a stream pace, permitting we to combine entirely on running.


As we would wish from any wearable record a section is durable and hard-wearing.

The rubber tag ensures it fits all shapes and sizes of wrists and, distinct normal bracelet watches, a M400 did not need to come off during prolonged durations during a bureau desk.

During a simmering UAE summer months, runners, cyclists and swimmers comparison all practice during night and a accessible behind light ensures that information stays rarely visible. Similarly, when sportive in approach object or pushing rain, a high-contrast arrangement creates for easy viewing.

The watch is charged by a zodiacally used micro-USB hollow and synchronises simply with a app around Bluetooth, all a while remaining an impossibly slim (11.5mm) and light (56.6g) device.

The hollow is water-resistant to 30m though a cover, that is certain to set a UAE’s flourishing rope of triathletes’ tongues wagging.

Technology can be intimidating during times though a M400 is user-friendly and easy to collect up. The all-important information is displayed logically and has space to breathe, rather than attempting to squeeze it all onto a singular screen.


Syncing around a desktop app can take utterly some time if we don’t keep adult to date, so it’s value creation this a weekly task.

If you’re regulating a smartphone app we can also visualize all your information there, as good as environment adult your alerts if you’re an iPhone user.

You can simply navigate by a app to a specific training session, afterwards dump into a deeper turn of fact comparing pace, heart rate, stretch and calories burned.

There’s also a operation of intelligent coaching options that relapse your event achievements, or miss of them. This research adds value though treacherous users with rafts of formidable data.

More critical runners and those who enter unchanging competitions might find a turn of research a small on a simple side, though for new runners or people shopping their initial aptness watch a M400 stands conduct and shoulders above a foe in terms of value for income in this department.


One of a pivotal factors behind a unit’s success is that it is really stylish and gentle – a singular attainment for aptness watches.

It’s a somewhat retro pattern that masks a technological advances, while providing a shade large adequate to clearly see what is function while out and about.

The dot-matrix character is not a many engaging interface in a universe to demeanour during though it does a pursuit sufficient and ensures that a battery isn’t emptied too fast (it lasts approximately 8 hours with a GPS enabled and binds for two-to-three weeks of unchanging use).

The behind of a box is immaculate steel, and a micro-USB tie ensures that a charging pier is not unwieldy or an cultured eye-sore.

While Polar does not yield a Garmin-esque array of colourful colours, a tack black, white, pinkish and stately blue offerings should safeguard that many runners find a good match.


Part aptness band, partial GPS watch, Polar have combined a surprisingly organic device, providing a high turn of research for a homogeneous cost of a top-range aptness band.

This value for money, joined with a flexibility opposite a operation of sports, means that a needs of all aptness enthusiasts from amateur to semi-professional turn are good catered for.

Far from being a distraction, outstanding personal best times has turn slight and regulating though a watch now only feels wrong.

Retail price: AED1,100.00
We rate it: 9 out of 10: Good-looking, gentle and useful, this watch has redefined value for money.
Where to Buy: Adventure HQ Time Square, Go Sport – MOE, Go Sport – Dubai Mall

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